Wild West Heritage Buffalo & Longhorn Exhibit

The Bison and Longhorn Exhibit is located near Comanche Avenue and Highway 50. The Livestock Exhibit includes four unique American Bison and four Corrientes longhorn cattle. The exhibit also highlights the tremendous impact that livestock played in the development of Dodge City and Southwest Kansas.

White buffalo

Dodge City, Kansas, is internationally recognized as the epitome of the Wild West and continues to be a top destination for tourists seeking a Wild West experience. With destinations like Boot Hill Museum and Boot Hill Casino & Resort, guests can relive the excitement of the past and understand how Dodge City has developed through the decades.

Although tourists may envision Marshal Matt Dillon or Wyatt Earp walking the streets of old Dodge City, livestock played (and continues to play) an arguably more integral role in the development of Dodge City and the entire Wild West. Dodge City was crowned the "Queen of the Cattle Towns" in the 1870's and was THE destination for Texas longhorn and the cattle trade.

Before the longhorn and the cattle trade, vast herds of buffalo roamed the plains of Dodge City and Fort Dodge. With the economic boom of the cattle trade, the buffalo was hunted to near extinction.

The Wild West Heritage Foundation was created to preserve Dodge City's unique past and give tourists and residents alike a glimpse of our living history. The noble buffalo and herds of longhorn were once a fixture of our landscape.

Now you can see them in person and take part in our living history! For more information check out Wild West Heritage Foundation.