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Marketing Grant


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Dodge City Marketing Grant Application
  • Step One

    1. Program Guidelines

      The mission of the Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau is to bring convention and travel business into Dodge City, by promoting Dodge City and area resources and assets to meeting planners, group tour operators, travel writers and prospective tourist.

      This Grant has been developed to support the Convention and Visitors Bureau’s mission by assisting attractions and events for the purpose of promoting and advertising to visitors who are spending the night in Dodge City. Funding through this partnership with the Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau is intended to increase travel and tourism sites in our community, while enhancing the Attraction an/or Event image. This grant leverages the CVB’s resources and extends the marketing for Dodge City.

      Review of the applications will be completed by a committee appointed by the Director of the Convention& Visitors Bureau. Recommendations will be made by using an evaluation process.

      Yearly, $20,000 will be awarded, with $ 10, 000 being awarded twice a year.

      Deadlines are as follows:
      - April 30st
      - October 31st

      The Grant is a two part application process. Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Grant awards will be announced as they are gifted.

      The grand funds may be awarded up to 80% of expected project expenditures for a single grant marketing project, not to exceed a maximum of $2000. An organization shall not receive more than $2000 in a single calendar year, per project. However, the Grant Award funds may be adjusted, as deemed necessary.

      Special consideration will be given to those projec ts that use local printing partners, and/or local production companies, and such. The CVB encourages doing business locally where possible, while retaining the concept of marketing to the visitor who will be spending the night.

      Only one grant application shall be accepted for a multiple-community project. One contact person will be identified to represent the collective group. A letter of commitment will need to be included in the application.

      Submitting a grant application will not guarantee grant approval.

    2. Eligibility and Grant Requirements – Program Guidelines

      - The applicant organization must be in good standing in other Dodge City CVB programs such as Dodge City Visitor Guide listings, web page listings, and so on.
      - The applicant must “Submit and Event” to the Convention and Visitors website, if applying for a grant for an event.
      - Organizations must be within Dodge City or Ford County, or the proposed event must be held in Dodge City or Ford County.
      - The organization shall commit to provide brochures for the purpose of distribution at the Dodge City Visitors Center. For events, the printed piece should be available at least 60 days prior to event date. (Unless a poster is submitted, usually about 200 to 500 pieces will be needed, based on the popularity of the attraction/event, or posters, flyers or other forms of promotional materials.)
      - The organization shall commit to provide brochures for the purpose of distribution at the State owned Travel Information Centers. For events, the printed piece should be available at least 60 days prior to event date. (Usually about 100 to 200 pieces will be needed per location, based on the popularity of the attraction/event.) A list of approved Travel Information Centers will be provided by CVB.
      - All printed materials shall be in good taste. Printed materials will be reviewed during the pre-application process.
      - Grant awards can support first time-marketing efforts, as well as sustain ongoing marketing programs.
      - Grant funds cannot be used to participate in other Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau programs.
      - Grants can be used in conjunction with other community Grants.
      - Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the denial of future grant requests.

      The Dodge City ‘Get the Heck into Dodge’ square logo shall be included in printed materials (no less than 1 by 1 inch) the logo will be provided by the CVB. The application must show how the brand will be incorporated into the promotional materials. Recognition of the support of funding from the CVB in the form of the jingle, or verbiage of acknowledgement of the funds may also be acceptable.

    3. Fundable Activities

      - Graphic Design and/or Printing of Promotional Materials
      - Advertisements that market to the visitors who is spending the night in Dodge City
      - Brochure and Guide Distribution
      - Hats, shirts, banners, flags, and other promotional items will be considered if they are part of the marketing plan for distribution outside of the community, and/or as a part of advertising for an event or attraction prior to the event.

      The G rant may fund regional brochure or guide distribution that is done through a professional distribution company. The distribution schedule for the planned regions and dates shall be included in the application. A detailed description and of the promotional materials design work and advertisement examples shall be included in the application. A distribution and marketing plan for all project s shall be submitted with all requests.

    4. Non-Fundable Items

      Following are items that are non-fundable through the grant program:
      - Marketing of local community events that promote mostly to local citizens and are attended predominantly by local citizens.
      - Association memberships
      - Salaries and wages
      - Entertainment and honorariums
      - Items for re-sale
      - In-house postage and material inventory
      - Bumper stickers, program booklets, stationary, and membership solicitation literature

    5. Questions

      For assistance contact Colleen Hastings at (620) 225-8191or by email.