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  1. Cost:
    - $100 one hour rental
    - $175 for up to two hours rental
    - $75 for each additional hour
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  3. Special Note
    No food, drink, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or illegal substances will be allowed on the trolley. This is City policy for all City vehicles and must be strictly adhered to for insurance, liability and driver security. The trolley driver has the authority to discontinue service at the driver’s discretion if a passenger/passengers become unruly, disruptive, or damages the trolley.

    No refunds shall be given under these circumstances.

    Any trolley usage is contingent on availability and weather

    **It is understood and agreed that the City of Dodge City will not be liable for any expenses, claims and/or damages that may result from mechanical failure of the trolley that presents its use in the above-mentioned event. It is understood that no alternative vehicle is available to substitute for the trolley should mechanical failure prevent its use for the above-mentioned event.
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